Norflicks Productions Ltd. - Co-Productions

Established directors have committed to the various Norflicks productions:

René Bonnière
Titles include:
Mutant X (TV series – 2 episodes) 2003-2004
Tracker (TV series) 2002
Mary Higgins Clark’s ‘Haven’t We Met Before?’ (TV movie) 2002
Mary Higgins Clark’s ‘Pretend You Don’t See Her’ (TV movie) 2002
Nikita (TV series – 21 episodes) 1997-2001
Code Name: Eternity (TV series – 5 episodes) 2000
The Little Vampire (TV series) 1986

Alan Erlich
Titles Include:
Wingfield (TV series) 1998
The MAXimum Dimension (TV series) 1998
Riverdale (TV series) 1997
Balls Up (TV movie) 1997
Catwalk (TV series) 1993
Check It Out (TV series – 26 episodes) 1985-1988

Izabel Grondin
Titles Include:
Fantasme 2009
Folies passagères, contes trash et sournois 2004

Paul Lynch
Titles Include:
Savage Planet (TV movie) 2007
The Keeper 2004
So Weird (TV series – 10 episodes) 1999-2001
Frozen with Fear 2001
Sliders (TV series – 3 episodes) 1998-1999

Robin Phillips
Titles Include:
The Wars 1983
Miss Julie 1972

Eric Till
Titles Include:
*Bonhoeffer – Agent of Grace*
*Oh What a Night* (feature film)
Irish Episode of “*The Newcomers*” (Emmy Nomination)

Also as a working relationship with Strongwall Productions made up of a group who work with and for Norflicks in the past:

Bill Armstrong
Cinematographer, Producer

Gina Binetti
Editor, Postproduction Supervisor, Producer

Marta Nielsen
Director, Editor

James Wallen
Screenwriter, Producer

Norflicks also has contractual relationships with the following companies:

Distribution Access
Vision Video
Cova Film and Distribution Montreal
Vision TV
Jan Hatanaka