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Summary of Experience

An award winning television executive, producer, productions and network operations professional. Extensive experience in all areas of domestic and international network television production, live event producer, network operations and broadcast communications, including but not limited to entertainment, sports, news, and special events. The experience also, includes consumer marketing, TV shopping, Direct Response Television, Web design, search engine optimization, analytics,social networking, digital media, ecommerce and mobile distribution.

Founded Dick Ross Productions LLC( 2006 to present)an innovative TV production, live events, network operations, marketing and licensing company, packaging selling programming, co-productions, sponsorship, TV distribution and business planning for launching new 24/7 television networks. Summary Overview of recent projects


Producer, the 90-minute docudrama entitled Lincoln and Lee at Antietam which is about the single bloodiest day in American History at the Battle of Antietam in Sharpsburg, Maryland. This docudrama aired on PBS Network Primetime in, and is currently being distributed on home video. It won the International CINE Golden Eagle Award for Excellence in filmmaking and the World Fest Film Festival Top Award.


Global Communications Company, delivering TV content to cable locations around the world, in multi formats, including HD and 3D channels. Responsible for creating a multimillion dollar, business plan, to start a 24 hour comedy network, in partnership with the Laugh Factory comedy company, broadcasting from clubs around the country. The plan included, overview, stand-up comedy, news shows, talk shows, reality, and the inmates run the asylum. The proposal developed covered, COMPETITION, BUSINESS OPORTUNITY, BUSINESS AND TEAM, DISTRIBUTION, ADVERTISING, MARKETING, AFFILIATE MARKETING, CONSUMER MARKETING , EXISTING CLUB’S INFRASTRUTURE, NETWORK ORIGINATION CENTER, ALTERNATIVE BUSINESS OPTIONS,P&L ASSUMTIONS FOR REVENUE, PROGRAMMING AND ORGANIZATION.

DaKeDoJoGrace Company –

Responsible for creating international co-production partners, between Korea and other countries. Concluded co-production deal, between Korea and Canada, for 26 half hour animated children’s series. This included Canadian/Korean Production Treaty, budgets, investments, creative and International distribution.


Delivers live video streaming in HD, video and demand, no buffering, primary and back up, using content delivery networks, Akamai, EdgeCast and LimeLight. ZFP uses substantially less bandwidth then others, translating into 30 percent savings, in true HD at 1.4 megabits as opposed to the 4.6 megabits required by other. Currently developing for client, web site, design, technology, including, search engine optimization, analytics, social networking, and content distribution on the internet, for live seminars, and video on demand. Also, developing for the client a mobile phone AP for streaming consumer video, to encrypted video bank, for recording, playback and social sharing.


Created two commercials for point of sales, though out the country. Executive produced, Two minute commercials, featuring Waterford Crystal products. Responsible for creative, budget, pre-production, production, and post productions.


Responsible for strategic planning, product development, sales, on air retail, producing Home Shopping Network shows.


Partnership in developing shows, for television distribution, and selling shows to television networks.


Partnership in developing shows, for television distribution, and selling to the television networks.


- Responsible for developing and overseeing the Universal Television Networks owned and operated Broadcast Production & Operations Center. Hired and oversaw all production and operations staff, including vice presidents, directors and promoted the use of the center, achieving major improvements in production, flexibility, quality and millions of dollars in cost savings.
- Expanded network’s by establishing and launching new networks in Mexico, Latin America and the United Kingdom.
- Managed production and operations for the emerging entertainment channels including Trio Channel and NWI (News World International).
- Executive produced original prime time programming for Trio/Universal which included a series called the “The Moth” for Trio that won a Telly Award. This reality programs featured true-life stories and human events. Authors Dominick Dunne and Jim Bouton, comedian Reno and musicians Suzanne Vega and Joe Jackson and many more.
- Executive produced the New Orleans Jazz Festivals, the world’s largest jazz and music festival. This included producing 12 stages over a two week period with each having multiple bands and performers. The shows won two Telly Awards & an International Monitor Award and Jazz Fest special won two Telly awards. Performers included Paul Simon, Melissa Etheridge, India Arie, Fats Domino, Wilson Pickett, Counting Crows, Ellis Marsalis, Wynton Marsalis, Brandon Marsalis the Neville Brothers and many other great artists.
- Responsible for producing on air promos, and Received two “Gold” Promax Awards, for USA Network & Sci-Fi on-air promos campaigns.
- Successfully marketed production capabilities to in-house staff, significantly reducing production costs by 30 percent and increasing quality and efficiency while maintaining full utilization of the post-production facility.
- Conceived and directed the expansion of the UniversalBroadcastCenter, by overseeing the installation of all new digital technology which further increased the company’s production and operational flexibility.
- Executive Produced live Concerts in the park, in New York, with over 10,000 people at the concerts. There were performances by India Arie, Brandon Marsalis and many more.
- Executive produced the “Upfronts” live Broadway style stage shows for Universal television, for the Networks programming shows.
- Executive produced live stage corporate stage presentations, for Universal Pictures, Universal Television Networks, Home Shopping Network, Ticket Master, Expedia as well as others.


Senior Vice President, Production & Operations

• Managed all Universal Television Networks’ domestic and international broadcast operations, including USA Network, Sci-Fi, Trio and News World International.
• Sphere of responsibility extended to broadcast center, studio and remote production and affiliate operations, telecommunications and international networks.
• Executive produced numerous productions and projects, including sports and musical events, USA Network and Sci-Fi network promos, and corporate events. Work involved establishing and maintaining production budgets and coordinating production schedules for each event.
• Responsible over seeing producers , for on air network promos, pre- production, production, and post production.
• Responsible for production of emerging networks and for logistics research on potential future projects.
• Directed a staff of over 150, including Vice Presidents and Directors, and handled hiring process of all production and technical crews.
• Managed financial negotiations with production companies and talent managers.
• Managed broadcast center and supervised all production and technical crews.
• Developed and maintained production operation budgets for all sports and entertainment shows, as well as full stage production specials, and weekly movie wrap-around segments.
• Managed acquisitions process and due diligence.
• Negotiated all studio deals (sets, lighting, cameras, wardrobe etc.)
• Supervised post-production of studio and remote production shows.
• Directed all USA Networks, domestic and international broadcast operations, studio and remote production operations, affiliate operations, telecommunications and launching international networks.
• Conceived plan to build a broadcast center for originating the company’s networks and post-production; managed design, real estate acquisition and staffing of the center.
• Managed all production operation budgets.
• Directed production operations for previously outsourced sports and entertainment broadcasting.
• Designed, built and operated a post-production center to consolidate post-production work, cutting costs by 50 percent.
• Managed budgets, production planning, production, contract negotiations tele-communications for professional and college sports operations (NBA, Major League Baseball, NHL, Grand Slam Tennis, Pro Boxing, Pro Soccer, college Basketball and college football, and special entertainment shows.
• Provided alternative sports networks for affiliates, according to contractual obligations with sports leagues.
CBS Television Inc., New York, NY

Manager, Operations – CBS Network News

• Managed and coordinated all domestic and international communications and logistics for the network’s news shows, and acted as liaison between CBS and other networks for news pools.
• Set up remote positions, negotiated remotes with European broadcasters, and established relationships with foreign government officials to facilitate world broadcasting.
• Oversaw many international special events, such as presidential trips, papal successions and US Primaries and national elections.


UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI – Bachelor of Arts Degree - Psychology