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Editor: Marta Nielsen
Consultants: George Rennison, Barney Danson
Producer: Richard Nielsen
Director: Marta Nielsen


This documentary looks at Field Marshal Montgomery of Alamein through the personal stories of Trumbull Warren and his wife, Mary. Lieutenant Colonel Trumbull Warren served as a Canadian Officer in Montgomery's personal staff for most of the Second World War. Despite the Field Marshal's fearsome reputation, Trumbull and Mary Warren remember him as a compassionate and benevolent man.

The documentary opens with Field Marshal Montgomery's radio broadcast to Canadians in 1945 and concludes with the splendour of Monty's State Funeral in 1976, dramatically mixing archival footage with the poignant personal accounts of Colonel Warren. Warren chronicles Monty's thoughts and actions during the Second World War-culminating in the German surrender at Luneberg Heath, to which Colonel Warren was a witness, then traces their relationship to the relative calm of retirement and family life. This is a unique portrait of a unique man. A portrait which brings to life a strikingly personal image of the acclaimed Field Marshal.