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Associate Producer: Susan Morgan
Composer: George Axom
Executive Producer: Richard Nielsen
Producer: Paul McConvey

Thirteen-part interview series with one of the world's most recognized and respected religious leaders and effective communicators, Jean Vanier. Filmed at the community of l'Arche in Trosly, a village sixty miles north of Paris, France, each show (approx. 24 minutes) provides a unique application of Jean Vanier's message of hope.


Each show contains excerpts of Jean Vanier being interviewed; however, the interviewer, Susan Morgan, is never shown or heard. While each show centers around Jean Vanier in conversation, such excerpts are interspersed with video footage of the community of l'Arche in Trosly, France.


1. The Mystery of Being and Growth
In this program Vanier explains how the wounded child becomes the wounded adult who believes he can't be loved for himself but only for what he can achieve.

2. The Age of Discouragement
In this segment Vanier challenges us to encounter the pain and anguish in our lives. To deny pain is to runaway from reality and live in an age of discouragement.

3, The Flight from Pain
In this program Vanier discusses how our fear of pain often leads us to seek refuge in the false images of drugs, mass media, and addiction.

4. The Acceptance of Pain
This program examines how the fear of pain often separates us from one another, from God, and from ourselves.

5. The Nature of Prejudice and the Vision of God
In this program Vanier defines prejudice as the justification of our guilt and explains how prejudice is a barrier to God's vision of communion.

6. The Vulnerability of the Young
Vanier explains that vulnerability is youth's greatest gift. Yet, he also warns that without guidance, vulnerability can become youth's greatest tragedy.

7. The Promise of God
In this segment Vanier explains that until we recognize the accept our own fear, guilt, and brokenness are we able to establish truly loving relationships.

8. The Truth of Existence
In this program Vanier addresses the question of truth and reality in our own lives and how getting in touch with the truth of our existence means reconciling ourselves with our pain.

9. The Need for Self-Acceptance
In this segment Vanier discusses why we can not truly love ourselves, or love others, without complete self acceptance.

10. Why We See God as a Negative Force
In this program Vanier examines how painful experiences almost always contain moments of transformation when a truly loving and compassionate God is revealed to us.

11. The Cry of the Poor
In this program Vanier discusses how the poor, the sick and the lonely and crying out to us and how service to the poor can reconcile us with our own poverty and loneliness.

12. The Mystery of Community
In this segment Vanier presents the challenges that confront the individual who chooses to live in true community.

13. Waiting
In this program Vanier explains how the wounded are waiting to be liberated and why humanity is learning to wait.