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Nicholas John PartridgeNicholas John Partridge

135 Derby Rd. Shenton Park
Western Australia 6008

Telephone: 08 6380 2767
Mobile: 041 991 8518
Private Fax: 08 9384 8430


Chief Executive Experience

1987 - present Partner and International Project Developer for BOTANICAL ENTERPRISES, the Executive Arm of David Bellamy Enterprises. Partner – Botanical Partners.


Foundation Manager and developer of Public FM Broadcasting Western Australia, at the Universities of Western Australia and Murdoch University
• Executive Producer to Prof. David Bellamy ( who has over 400 screen credits worldwide) since 1980.
• Foundation Warden Irwin Court, Hall of Residence for overseas students for Archdiocese of Perth, graduate and undergraduate, under the original Colombo Plan. Academic and business management.
• Starting up many new business ventures
• Created large – ( 300+) volunteer base in Public Broadcasting during times of great financial constraint, plus the first programmes for print handicapped people in Australia.
• Forming international joint ventures in both media and non-media businesses


1987 - June 2001

Vice President of Media and Strategic Analysis, International Corporate Affairs Research, New York – special responsibilities, Australia and Oceania, South - East Asia

1990 – 1997

WA board member of Council for the National Interest

1970 – 1975

Board member British publication” Frontier” under the chairmanship of Sir Harry Mance, twice chairman of Lloyds, and under the editorship of Sir John Lawrence, a founding member of the Russian service of the World Service of the BBC. [ see Wikipedia ].

1985 – 1999.

Board member of The Malcolm Muggeridge foundation with Sir David Frost and Conrad Black


In radio and television; as journalist and broadcaster, have written, researched, conceptualised, developed, produced and presented since 1968- initially for the ABC, but then the BBC – in science, religion, politics, economics, reviews etc.

Television programs as presenter and interviewer for Thames Television, London Weekend Television, A.T.V. and independently. Several international awards for documentaries with David Bellamy. e.g. “Wheat Today – What Tomorrow? Experienced in most aspects of broadcasting. Provided research for Malcolm Muggeridge from 1970 until 1988.

Twenty-five years of experience with Canadian film-makers and production houses, notably, Richard Nielsen and Norflicks [ please see their web pages] Distributed product for them in Australasia. Currently partner and producer with Norflicks Toronto. Advised numerous corporations, politicians, political parties, and governments on media and media performance. Chief Executive speech writing.

Developed low cost production methods and innovative fund raising skills. Most media experience has been in the development and execution of programs for non commercial [Public] Broadcasting. Prepared and presented licence application documents for Universities Radio Ltd.