Norflicks Productions Ltd. - Projects in Development

Projects in Development from Norflicks include:


Food for Sharks
Script completed. Budget done. Director: Robin Phillips. Distribution: advanced negotiating. Budget $3.4 million
The murder of the husband of a beautiful Asian Canadian theatrical designer by his bodyguard, precipitates a suspenseful Hitchcockian drama that takes us to Busan.

Only Susan

Script written. Budget done. Director: Isabel Grondin. Distribution advance in place. Budget $1.4 million
A very young Fench-Canadian, and his equally young German bride make the mistake of agreeing to honeymoon with a warring older couple in the remote vastness of Northn Quebec.

Script done. Distribution advance in place. Director: Paul Lynch. Budget $1.2million
36 hours with Cathy Smith who gave John Belluci his last speedball.

Glory Years
Script written. Probable budget $8 million. Director: Paul Lynch
The life of Tom Longboat, the great Indian runner, and his nemesis, Lou Marsh, whose name graces the trophy given annually to Canada’s top athlete.

And Hope to Die
Budget done. Script written. Director: Robin Phillips. Budget $2 million
A 73 year old man with terminal cancer is provided with one last adventure.

Three Coffins for Moonbeam
Script written. Budget $3.4 million (approximation), Director: Rene Bonier
In 1964 more people were killed at Reesor Siding in Ontario than were killed at the OK Choral. Nobody did any time.

Budget $8 million. Script written. Director: Robin Phillips
The story of Florence Lassandro, the last woman hanged in Canada. She was beautiful, 19 and totally innocent.



Half-hour sitcom based on bicycle couriers.

My Secret Life
A series based on a man who has double identity: Canadian and American. My-Life (fill in the blank) half-hour series.

Too Close for Comfort
Living with relatives. Sitcom.


Rebel Girl
Feature film based on the book by Faith Johnson. About Dorise Nielsen, our only woman member of parliament during World War 2, and a communist.

Too Many Heroes
Family drama. Young woman introduces her boyfriend, a political radical, to her soldier father about to go to Afghanistan for the third time.


The Demise of Superpower 1 hour.
Is a project developed with Yale historian Paul Kennedy that advances the thesis that superpower is financially unsustainable.

Should We Abolish Insurance? 1 hour.
Insurance costs us the same amount as government but nobody complains about it. We propose to change that.

The American Religion 90 minutes.
This follows on the thesis of Harold Bloom and others that the American Evangelical religion is a Christian heresy. Gnosticism.

From Donald to Big Daddy (religious) 90 minutes.
On my hometown and how it has gone from a company town, owned by Donald Frasier, to a theocracy under a Pentecostal preacher who likes to be called Big Daddy.

The Dauphin Experience
How guaranteed income transformed Dauphin, Manitoba. 1 hour.


Silent Genocide 5 hours.
The story of why Anglo-Saxon settlement was so much more disastrous for Aboriginal society than any other.

Great Canadian Battles
Twenty-six battles covering a century of Canadians in combat.


Late night talk show. No holds barred.

Picasso Next Door
A competition to find Canada’s top unknown artists.


My – Life
Weekly series profiles of the lives of volunteers who add the middle word to the above title, i.e. My lucky life, my dismal life, etcetera.

DRAMA LIVE TO TAPE 90 minutes.

AA & BB Loves Mary
A futuristic drama about the unexpected results of cloning.

North American Pie
A constitutional crisis precipitated by the separation of Quebec and Alberta forces a realignment of the political map of North America. The above two properties are dramas that will be made for a maximum of $600,000 each. A produced example was Quebec Canada 1995.


Fields of Fire
Script completed, 3 parts. Budget $15 million. Producer: Robert Appelbe. Script: Richard Nielsen. No director as yet.
The story of the fall of Quebec, based on Hitherto ignored information from trials in France and first hand reports from French sources of the role of the Indians in that battle..

Four part, eight hour miniseries. Taking us from Brockville, Ontario to the Kennedy assassination.


Red Heifer
One half-hour for Vision. Shooting in Jerusalem, Nebraska, Mississippi, etcetera.

Good Grief
Seven part series with Jan Hatanaka. Shooting in Wales, Toronto, etcetera.