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Associate Producer: Susan Morgan
Composer: John Lang
Producer: Richard Nielsen
Editor: Marta Nielsen
Photography: Terry Zazulak


Quest for Peace with Jean Vanier is an hour-long program in which Jean Vanier talks about what is needed to establish peace, not just what is needed from government but from us as individuals and by those who claim adherence to particular religious faiths. The intrinsic quality of war is its destructiveness, and of peace, its creativity. These two aspects of war and peace provide the visualization for the series, the aftermath of war and the aftermath of peace. Footage comes from Palestine and Israel, India and Pakistan, Ireland and Northern Ireland and September 11th. The wars and conflict in these areas and others arise from a variety of differences, ethic religious political and economic and our failure to deal with these differences via the modern use of force and diplomacy and "reason" is a judgment on us all.

Jean Vanier argues that what is required is a change of heart, a resolve, deeply committed to peace. It is a paradox that, in most cases, the great religions began by establishing peace among their followers, serving as a great civilizing force, which has all too frequently ended, by deepening the antagonisms between groups. Geography has made the Middle East one community while history has made it a perpetual war zone and this can be said of many areas around the globe. Jean Vanier, with his deeply personal message helps us pick our way through that paradox.

This program originally aired on CBC Newsworld on December 24, 2002 and again during the Easter weekend of 2003.

CBC 2002