Norflicks Productions Ltd. - Robert Linnell

Robert Linnell

Robert Linnell 2010 Production Manager “The Wereth Eleven” (1hr) The Ardennes Group for National Geographic location eastern Belgium
2007-9 Production Manager/ Researcher “Currie” (2 hrs) Stornoway Productions locations France and UK, Research France, Germany + UK
2005 Writer-Executive Producer “Last Flight to Berlin” (1 hr) for History Television nominated for Gemini best documentary
2004 Executive Producer “Halifax at War” (1.5 hr) for Simply Media and DVD distribution
2002 Executive Producer "Seapower to Superpower" (5x1hr) for History Television
2002 Writer-Executive Producer "Heavy Metal" (2x1hr) for Discovery Canada and Discovery Europe.
1999 Writer-Executive Producer "Warriors of the Night" (4x1hr) for Discovery Canada.
1997 Writer-Producer "Terra X, The Curse of Oak Island" (6x1hr) German/Canadian co-production between Cochran Communications and ZDF for Discovery and ZDF.
1995 Associate Producer "The Professionals" (13x1hr) British/Canadian co-production between Great North Productions and Discovery Europe.
1994-7 Consultant for Discovery Channel Canada and Europe, ZDF, Cambium Productions, Sullivan Productions, John Delmage Productions, Owl Communications, Ontario Film Development Corporation and Polyphon.
1987-94 Director, London office, Telefilm Canada - responsible for northern European relations and co-productions with Canada.
1982-7 Deputy Director and Head of Production, Telefilm Canada, Toronto - responsible for $250,000,000 of investment in Canadian film and television production.

Production Credits

1981 Associate Producer/PM "The Wars" Nielsen Ferns Inc. locations - Alberta and Hamilton Canada, London and Luton England
1980 Production Manager "The Best Revenge" MLI Productions, locations - southern Spain and Toronto.
1979 Line Producer/PM "Surfacing" Surfacing Productions, locations - Lake Mazinaw and Toronto Canada. Associate Producer "Klondike Fever" Klondike Productions, locations - Barkerville and Harrison Hot Springs B.C.
1978 Production Manager "Newcomers"(3x1hr) Nielsen Ferns Inc, locations - Manitoba, Toronto and Italy.
1977 Production Manager "The Third Walker" Quadrant Films, location - Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.
1976 Production Manager "Starship Invasions" Hal Roach Studios, location - Toronto. Assistant Director "Revenge for a Rape" Albert Ruddy, location - Vancouver. Production Manager "Shadow of the Hawk" Columbia Pictures, location - Vancouver.
1975 Associate Producer/PM "Partners" Clearwater Productions, location - Toronto. Production Manager "Hey, I'm Alive" Fries Productions, locations - Yukon and Vancouver.
1974 Production Manager "Journey into Fear" New World Productions, locations - Athens Greece, Genoa Italy and Vancouver. Production Manager "George Harrison in Concert" Dark Horse location - Toronto.
1973 Production Manager "The Innbreaker" Pacific Rim Productions, locations - Port Hardy and Vancouver B.C. Production Manager "Christina" New World Productions, location - Vancouver
1972 Production Manager "Paperback Hero" Agincourt Productions, location - Delisle Saskatchewan. Production Manager "Slipstream" Astral Films, location - Lethbridge Alberta, Winner best picture Canadian Academy
1971 Production Manager "Another Smith for Paradise" Pacific Rim location - Vancouver.
1970 Production Assistant "McCabe and Mrs. Miller" Warner Brothers, location- Vancouver. Production Assistant "Carnal Knowledge" Avco Embassy, location- Vancouver
1969 Production Manager "She's a Woman" Plastic Mile Productions, location Vancouver. Writer - 2 episodes "The Challenging Sea" Bill Burrud Productions, Vancouver
1968 Producer/PM "Facade" Sherkent Productions, location Montreal.
1967 Production Manager "High" Markent Productions, location Montreal
1965-1967 Production Assistant, National Film Board of Canada, "5000 Miles", "The Searching Man", "The World of One in Five" locations - Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec. Assistant Editor, National Film Board of Canada, "Helicopter Canada", "Bethune", and others.
Graduate BA, UBC, 1965