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CONQUERING NIAGARA: The Story of the Welland Canal


Producer: Marta Nielsen
Executive Producer: Richard Nielsen
Narrator: Barbara Budd
Director: Gina Binetti
Editor: Gina Binetti


In honor of the 175th anniversary of the Welland Canal, Norflicks Productions presents Conquering Niagara: The Story of the Welland Canal. Combining rare archival footage with remarkable new footage of the Canal as you’ve never seen it before, this riveting documentary takes viewers on a journey of discovery through its rich history. From a Jesuit monk’s first glimpse of the majestic Niagara Falls on a journey of discovery with LaSalle to a deadly battle between rival labor factions in the 1840's. From Fenian cross-border raids to wartime acts of sabotage. From a competition between rival nations for economic dominance of the St. Lawrence corridor, to the beneficial partnership behind the St. Lawrence Seaway. It took the vision and fortitude of one man, William Hamilton Merritt, to overcome the natural barrier of Niagara Falls and link the heartland of a continent with the waiting markets of the world. In so doing, the Welland Canal would take its place among the greatest achievements the world has ever known.

TVO 2004